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 The Interesting Experiences I Had When I Was A Boy

Many years ago, when I was a very young teenager just approaching the adolescence stage of life, I had some destiny-determinant experiences.

Now, I was born and grew up in a part of the country where immorality seems to be the norm. So, young boys can't wait to become adolescents and start doing the nasty things they see adults do - such as immoral sexual adventures, alcoholism, clubbing, and many more. 

Yes, like several other young boys in the area, I was waiting to become an adolescent with a bit of freedom from my strict parents so I can also start exploring life. However, in my case, even as a young chap, I always feel the presence of God around me without having an explanation, and I know I have conversations with a Creature I don't know much about. 

Then one day, even as a boy, I felt God talking to me, asking me to start walking with Him and be perfect. Now, I was worried, because despite being a boy, I know the meaning of what God was asking me to do. It means I won't 'enjoy' those things the adults around me were doing. 

So, in my naivety, I started begging God to just give me one year to enjoy those sinful things too, after which I will start walking with Him perfectly(lol). But God didn't change His mind, but kept pestering me, as an expression of His great love. He asked me to start walking with Him in spirit and in truth as a youngster, and He made some promises to me..

Then, I decided to start a relationship with the LORD JESUS from a tender age. It was not a smooth ride, particularly considering the environment and other challenges. But God made grace available, being meticulous about me to ensure I grew up in Him.

Even as a young boy, I started preaching when the opportunity comes, particularly at church. Here is a picture of one of those moments of ministering as a child at church. 

Upon entering the adolescent stage, things were easier for me. One of the benefits of starting with God at an early age is that I didn't experience the troubles and hurts that sin brings, unlike many of my peers. 

The Lord was giving me more responsibilities at this stage. For instance, as a young teenager back then, I was leading the youth department at church (there were older people in the youth department), serving as a Sunday school teacher, an interpreter, an usher, was part of the evangelism team, a part-time chorister, etc. 

Here is a picture of one of the youth meetings where I was ministering to the youths.

Becoming an adult and entering the University (I earned my bachelor's degree at the University of Ibadan), there were even more responsibilities. For instance, here is a picture of me ministering as the President of a prominent campus fellowship in the institution. 

Finally, I want to encourage everyone to serve the Lord and have an intimate relationship with Him. He will make a beautiful story out of your life. If you are ready to forsake the sinful pleasures of sin and satan, Jesus will help you become all God has destined you to be. 

Your destiny is to have an intimate righteous relationship with God that is eternal in nature through Jesus Christ, and you will be empowered with the Holy Spirit to have dominion over creation and sin, satan, death, poverty, depression, frustration, sickness, etc.

It starts by saying yes to Jesus. Say yes to Jesus today, and He won't ignore you. Simply ask Him to show you mercy, and He will come to you too. God bless you. 


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