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3 Sweet Things That Have Been Destroying Many Ladies


After writing about "3 Sweet Things That Keep Sending Many Men To Their Early Graves" last week, I believe it is appropriate to write a version for females too.

The female gender is a very graceful one, and womanhood is synonymous with sweetness and illumination. The devil is aware that as a woman, you have a God-given potential to cause serious havoc to his evil kingdom and agenda - hence he is always proactive in his attempts to bring you into trouble and hinder you from becoming all God has ordained you be.

As a historian, I discovered that history always repeats itself, and it is unfortunate that many don't learn from history. All over the pages of history, from one generation to another, certain things have been utilized by the devil to cut off many ladies from their place and bring them to destruction. Like I did last week, let me summarised these things into 3, namely:

1. Glory (Pride)

2. Gold (Love for money)

3. Guys (the Opposite gender)

Let's make brief comments on each of them:

1. Glory (Pride)

Pride is very dangerous. It demotes and destroys, and you must keep guarding your heart against it. Please, never start seeing nor conduct yourself beyond what you are in a proud manner, and don't let anything good that you have (be it beauty, wealth, fame, etc.) prompt you to look down on others and treat them as trash.

Insecurities and the desire to prove a point seem to be part of the leading agencies that pump pride in many ladies. Hence, as a lady, you should humble yourself under God and be submissive to Him. 

Just like I told the men, it is pride to think you own your life and that you can live life without God. It is wisdom and good humility to submit to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and have an intimate righteous relationship with the Holy Spirit.

2. Gold (Love for Money)

Even from ancient times, many women have yielded themselves as vessels to be plundered by the devil due to their love for money and material things. For instance, consider prostitution, which is regarded as one of the oldest professions known in the history of humankind. So you should see that a lot of women have been doing terrible things due to their lust for money. 

Dear woman, don't compromise Godly standards because of money. Our Lord Jesus Christ says: "But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you." (Matthew 6:33). As a woman, when you walk with God intimately, He will bless you greatly. 

Also, be diligent in whatever you do that can bring money legally and ethically. You don't have to indulge in sinful things for money to take care of yourself. You have a brain, you have talents. There are many productive skills out there that can fetch you lots of money.

Ultimately, as a lady, the wisest decision you will make is to have an intimate relationship with God, which is enough to satisfy all your needs (even your deepest emotional and physical needs). The first step is to accept Jesus as LORD and Savior. If you are yet to do this, anywhere you are, please do so now.

3. Guys (Members of the opposite gender)

Finally, just like the devil keeps sending many men to their premature graves using women, so is he using men as reliable agencies to destroy women. This is usually via sinful illicit relationships and engagements between both genders.

Always remember that God's Will for sex is that all manner of sexual pleasure should be shared only between a married man and his female wife inside the safe confines of their marriage institution. Please, don't be a mere object of pleasure for one nonsense guy somewhere.

I know many ladies keep seeing guys who only want sex coming to them, and some of these guys are luring several ladies into what is wrong. 

But I can assure you that there are still lots of God-fearing men out there whom themselves are honouring God with their bodies. When I say God-fearing men, I'm talking about men who have made Jesus Christ their Lord and Savior, and are serving God in spirit and in truth. As a lady, these are the types of men you should associate with. Unlike the "bad boys" out there, a born again Christian won't regard you as a mere tool for bodily pleasure, but will even contribute to your growth in important areas. In fact, a sure way to enjoy your marriage is by marrying a genuine born again Christian, where the foundation of your home is built on Christ. Such a man, who himself is Christ's bride, will know how to please God by treating you as the queen you are meant to be

Therefore, to attract a God-fearing born again Christian, you must be a genuine child of God too (God won't give any of His true sons to just any kind of lady that will ruin his sonship). So, you must make Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior and start living a life devoid of sin and iniquity. Focus on serving God in spirit and in truth, and He knows how He will connect you with a responsible God-fearing man who will ensure you have a joyful marriage

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