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When You Are Addicted To Sexual Pleasures


It is abnormal and an aberration to be under the yoke of anything negative as a human. This is because, the destiny of Man (males and females) is to have an intimate righteous relationship with God through faith in Christ Jesus, wherein you are empowered to have dominion over creation, including the devil, sin, death, hell, and anything else negative. 

For clarification's sake, talking about being addicted to sexual pleasures here denotes being addicted to sexual pleasures contrary to God's Will for sexual pleasure. 

What is God's perfect Will for sexual pleasure? God's perfect Will for sexual pleasure is that all manner of sexual pleasure must be shared between a man (a male) and his married wife (a female) in the safe circle of their marriage institution, without the involvement of any other party.

Hence, it is sinful (and dangerous) acquiring (or being addicted to) sexual pleasure from the likes of premarital sex (having sex when you are not married), extramarital sex (having sex with someone other than your own spouse), homosexuality (sexual relations between members of same gender. Like lesbianism which is between females and gayism which is between males), pornography (deriving sexual pleasure from seeing the unclothedness of others), masturbation (playing with your sexual organs for sexual pleasures), other immoral sexual acts like smooching someone not your married spouse, sextings and the rest of them. 

Now, if you are addicted to getting sexual pleasure from any of the aforementioned sources and routes, you need help right away, and you must declare a state of emergency upon your life. This is because, you are close to destruction (as the enemy of your soul is all out to make a mess out of your life).

What should you do?

"...because you are strong, and the word of God abides in you, and you have overcome the wicked one" 1 John 2:14

Simple: The Word of God gives the victory!

The Word of GOD is all you need to establish a right relationship with God your Maker, where you will be empowered to overcome anything evil (including sexual immorality and addictions).

And I'm delighted to announce to you that Jesus Christ is the Word of GOD. Jesus must dwell in you if you want to overcome sinful sexual desires. 

Hence, you will make the best decision today when you decide to embrace Jesus Christ as LORD and Saviour of your life. Simply open your heart and ask Jesus for mercy today.

Also, the LORD has made Himself so accessible through the written word of God (the Bible). Hence, ensure you constantly saturate yourself with scriptures, and your spirit and soul will always be empowered to live above the lust of the flesh.

Finally, avoid feeding your flesh with lustful things (romantic movies and novels, bad songs, and so on). Avoid people, places, things, and circumstances that promote these sinful sexual pleasures. Rather, give great priority to spiritual activities like prayer and fasting and worship. 

It is helpful to be accountable to a mature believer around you. Set the right boundaries and be busy with productive activities (including fulfilling your purpose, utilizing your talents, etc). Also, take appropriate sacrifices (such as putting away your smart phone for some time). You are on your way to victory. These things will prove profitable in no small measure. 

Remember, the LORD your Good Father has given you all it takes to overcome the evil one with all of his dirty things. But this can only be possible when you have a righteous relationship with God in Christ Jesus, where you become empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Open up yourself to the LORD JESUS today. It's your destiny to have a righteous relationship with God that is eternal in nature through Jesus Christ. This is what empowers you to have dominion over creation.

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