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Get A Copy Of Purity Sex Education Ebook


Purity Sex Education: Living Sexually Pure And Knowing What To Teach Others About Sexual Purity 

Warning: Sexual Perversion Will Increase In These Days...

According to the Spirit of Prophecy and Scripture, these last days will be filled with all manner of sexual rubbish and dirt and temptations. 

One of the core ways to preserve yourself in purity is by enlightening yourself with the appropriate spiritual knowledge revolving around sexual purity. 

I've put in place a material that will help empower you for sexual chastity, as well as stir you up to play your role in fighting sexual perversion in this immoral generation. 

This ebook is currently 1,000 naira if you are buying from Nigeria. It will be delivered to you in electronic format (pdf) anywhere you are in the world. 

To get it, simply pay into this account:

Bank: PalmPay 

Account Name: Light Publishers

Account Number: 8185021024

After making your payment, forward proof to either:

WhatsApp: 2348185021024

Email: sundayakannimoshood@gmail.com

If you live in a country other than Nigeria, send an email to sundayakannimoshood@gmail.com about how to get a copy. 

God bless you. 

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