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3 Things That Should Contribute To Our Identity As Young People


"I have written to you, young men (young people), because you are strong, and the word of God abides in you, and you have overcome the wicked one" 1 John 2:14

In this bible verse, the Apostle John, by the Holy Spirit, was able to highlight 3 things that should contribute to our identity as young people (as healthy young people).

Number one, he highlighted the strength of young people. Definitely, a healthy young person is physically stronger than the elderly one. Nevertheless, since Apostle John, at the point of writing this, was in the realm of the Spirit which is above this material world of ours, his expressions were not limited to simply the things we know in our own realm here. Hence, when he was talking about being strong, he wasn't limiting himself to mere physical strength.

Rather, he draws attention to the fact that it is the destiny of every young person to have divine strength and stamina. One major expression of divine strength is the capacity to stay in the presence of God continually. Simply put, as a young person, you have the inherent potential and ability to have a pleasant relationship with God right from the days of your youth - notwithstanding the hindrances and distractions prevalent today.

How is this possible? The second statement gave us the key: "... because the word of God abides in you". You see, the Word of GOD is all you need to establish a right relationship with God your Maker, and it is what will sustain you in Him, even in this dark world.

And I'm pleased to announce to you that Jesus Christ is the Word of GOD. Jesus must dwell in you if you would maximize your potential as a "strong" youth. Hence, it is your destiny to embrace Jesus Christ as LORD and Saviour today. Simply open your heart and ask Jesus for mercy today.

Additionally, Jesus Christ has made Himself so accessible through the written word of God (the Bible). Hence, ensure you constantly saturate yourself with scriptures, and your spirit and soul will always be empowered.

Finally, this verse reveals that every young person has the potential to overcome the evil one. How? Through the Word of GOD! You are not meant to be a slave to the devil and anything else negative - sickness, poverty, failure, sin, hell, and so on. But this can only be possible when you have a righteous relationship with God in Christ Jesus, where you become empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Open up yourself to the LORD JESUS today. It's your destiny to have a righteous relationship with God that is eternal in nature through Jesus Christ. This is what empowers you to have dominion over creation. GOD bless you in Jesus Name. Amen.

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