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 7 Things Many People Don't Know About Pornography


There are many avid patronizers of pornography all around the world. Many young people jumped into this immoral venture via curiosity and the inability to have full control over themselves. There are also many adults who have become a slave to both the bitter pleasures attached to pornography, as well as its numerous unpleasant side effects. 

It's so bad. There are so many people in our society currently under the intense yoke of pornography. Perhaps, you are also one of them. But today, if you are ready to cooperate with the Spirit of God, there will be a revival indeed.

7 Things Many People Don't Know About Pornography 

1. There is really nothing good in pornography. It is a perversion that defiles nature, as well as the divine order. The Will of God the Supreme Creator, is that sex should be a honourable and sacred activity, and sexual acts should be a private affair between a married man and his female wife in the safe circle of their marriage institution. Everything about porn is a perversion.

2. Whenever you see a porn apologist (those saying there's nothing wrong with porn), please, don't only be wary of them, but also flee from them. Let me expose them here. The average porn apologist is aware that everything is wrong with pornography, but they can't help but promote this immoral thing just for personal reasons. Some of them are directly working for the devil (terrible witches and wizards practicing diabolical occultism), and must do the bidden of their master the devil (which includes, luring and seducing others into sinful activities, so he can have a chance to afflict them). Don't be deceived by their outward appearances.

3. There are certain other porn apologists that are doing what they do because they don't want to be the only ones that will go on suffering from the unpleasant repercussions that follow pornography. Privately and secretly, they personally regret starting the journey of pornographic pleasures, but as they are stuck, they want others to be like them, hence, they portray porn in a positive light. I'm telling you the truth! Don't be deceived by their outward appearances.

4. The terrible effects of pornography are very many. I'm sure you already know some of them. But even more, than you know, there are deeper bitter repercussions attached to pornography.

5. It is possible to totally overcome pornography addiction. The Will of God is that you should have dominion over everything, and you shouldn't be under the yoke of immorality (and satan with hell)

6. You can reclaim your dominion and authority by accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. This is the first important step you must take. Anywhere you are, open your heart and just say, "Jesus, please come into my life". If you are sincere, God will definitely come to you (because He loves you)

The Holy Spirit will be sent to help you. You now have the power and authority to rebuke lust (even out of your heart and thoughts) and temptations too. One of the things that will happen to you when you give your life to Christ is that you will experience a shift of mindset, and your thought patterns will be divinely enhanced and rightly empowered. You will no longer find solace in porn (or things that will get you dirty and hurt you). You will know the proper way to live life and will form new habits that glorify God, and that will ensure you enjoy the dominion you have been destined to have (don't forget that being under sin makes people forfeit their right to rule their world)

7. On your part, it is helpful to be accountable to a mature believer around you. Set the right boundaries and be busy with productive activities (including fulfilling your purpose, utilizing your talents, engaging in constant spiritual activities like praying and studying God's Word, etc). Also, take appropriate sacrifices (such as putting away your smartphone for some time). You are on your way to victory.

God bless you. 

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