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Valentines Day: When Your Boyfriend/girlfriend Is Disturbing You For Sex 


Truthfully, romantic relationship with the opposite gender has placed many young folks into terrible issues that has left terrible indelible scars on a lot of them; while some have been unfortunately sent directly or indirectly to their early graves by these sweet-turned-sour affairs.

The main reason young people will keep having unpleasant experiences from boyfriend and girlfriend romantic relationships is because it was never in the original Will and Plan of God - the Wise Creator of everything, in the first place.

The Will of God is that when a man (not a boy) has attained a certain stature where marriage can be embraced, (after such a man has discovered his identity and purpose on earth), He (God) should be approached to provide a woman (not a girl) who will become his wife. After God has provided the woman, prior to marriage, the couple embark on what we call courtship, where they learn to know more about themselves (in an attempt to make necessary adjustments before they tie the knot), and must not defile the marriage bed during the courting period (that is, must not indulge in premarital sex).

Anything contrary to this perfect Will of God always bring heartaches, headaches and 'soul-aches'.

So, what should happen when your boyfriend/girlfriend is disturbing you for sex? Number one, realise the relationship is built on a wrong foundation and retrace your steps immediately by dissolving such relationship and breaking every connection and ties (physical, emotional, spiritual, etc).

Then, go back to the root by making peace with God and finding your identity in Him. You must make Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior before anything else. If you have not discovered your true identity and purpose (which can only be known through Faith in Jesus Christ), you shouldn't complicate your life with a romantic relationship

So, if you are yet to make Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior, or you are backsliden already, simply ask Him for forgiveness of sins, and say "Lord, have mercy on me".

This will get your eyes opened, and you will realize that you are destined to be a Royal Priesthood: a king and a priest meant to rule the earth through power gotten via an eternal relationship with God

That is, you are meant to have dominion over everything - dominion and control over your sexual urges, over fornication, over poverty, over sin, etc. You won't do what true Royals won't do - you won't defile yourself with illegal and illicit actions, for reputation sake. Since it is illegal and illicit as a child of God to have sex before marriage, you should flee anyone trying to lure you into such.

Remember, many guys and ladies out there luring others into sexual immorality, are not ordinary humans. They are terrible witches and wizards, evil people from the marine kingdom, possessed with demonic spirits and have diabolical powers. They are beautiful and handsome in appearance, and they have an innocent outlook - so they could easily lure preys into the trap of everlasting anguish and despair. Your boyfriend or girlfriend is likely one of them! Run! Save your life and destiny!

Run into the waiting arms of Christ!

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