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 10 Things Every Young Person Need To Hear Today

Dear Young People...

1. Dear Young People, 

Research has shown that many young people are usually battling with anxiety about the future. But listen to God's Word today: "For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope." Start giving God's Word first place in your life, and you get empowered for a destiny-fulfilling lifetime.

2. Dear Young People, 

Are you trapped in sin and terrible addictions? Don't stay helplessly there! Cry to Jesus in repentance, right now! He will make you a brand new creature; old things will pass away. Jesus won't condemn you nor ignore a true call from a sincere heart. Call upon the Name of the Lord right now and you SHALL be saved.

3. Dear Young People, 

You don't have to follow the multitude to do wrong. It is honourable to stand alone for God even in the midst of a corrupt and perverse generation. With Jesus, you will ALWAYS win

4. Dear Young People,

Jesus Saves

5. Dear Young People, 

It was discovered that many young people are addicted to various forms of illicit sexual pleasures. Whether it is masturbation, pornography, premarital sex, lesbianism and homosexuality, these things are sinful and can destroy you. Repent, ask God for mercy, and never return to them again. If you are greatly addicted, then talk to a mature spiritual person around you, and get the freedom Jesus already procured for you. Jesus still loves you. 

6. Dear Young People, 

I know you still have the youthful strengths to jump around the place. But in years to come, your youthful strengths and desires will all be gone. Those days, when you will look back at how you spent the days of your youth, you are going to be either happy or filled with regrets. Are you still living a lifestyle you will grow up to regret in years to come? You can still make amendments starting today! Ask Jesus to help you, and He will do a perfect work in your life! Trust Him!

7. Dear Young People, 

Hope you know Jesus is coming back again? Are you aware that the rapture can take place before the end of this month, and that when it happened, that's all? Wisdom demands then that we live each day with eternity in view. By so doing, you are empowered to live upright and holy in the sight of God. Remember, only the righteous in Christ will be rapturable. This world is temporal. 

8. Dear Young People, 

Are you still pushing God away from you with your lifestyle? God loves you and He has proven this long before you were born - He came in the flesh and was humiliated and died for you to have eternal life. But God is Holy, and He can't behold iniquities. If you are still indulging in sinful stuff, you are pushing Him away from you. But if you will repent and forsake them, He will cleanse you and make you a new creature worthy of walking with Him in spirit and in truth. Today is the day of salvation! Make a decision for Jesus!

9. Dear Young People, 

You are a child of God. It doesn't matter what lie the devil is singing into your ears right now, YOU ARE A CHILD OF GOD! But have you been displeasing Daddy via your wrong lifestyle? Simply ask Daddy for forgiveness, and decide to not indulge in anything sinful again. Daddy can't wait to carry you in His arms again, as His loving baby. Jesus still loves you.

10. Dear Young People, 

Your destiny as a young person is to have an intimate relationship with God that is eternal in nature, through Jesus Christ. On the strength of this relationship with the LORD, you will be empowered with the Holy Ghost, and you will have dominion to live above the devil, sin, self, and death.

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