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Be Wary Of Romantic Boyfriend And Girlfriend Relationships


Romantic relationship with the opposite gender has placed many young folks into grevious issues that has left terrible indelible scars on a lot of them; while some have been unfortunately sent directly or indirectly to their early graves by these sweet-turned-sour affairs.

The core reason young people will keep having unpleasant experiences from boyfriend and girlfriend romantic relationships is because it was never in the original Will and Plan of God - the Wise Creator of everything, in the first place.

The Will of God is that when a man (not a boy) has attained a certain stature where marriage can be embraced, (after such a man has discovered his identity and purpose on earth), He (God) should be approached to provide a woman (not a girl) who will become his wife. After God has provided the woman, prior to marriage, the couple embark on what we call courtship, where they learn to know more about themselves (in an attempt to make necessary adjustments before they tie the knot), and must not defile the marriage bed during the courting period (that is, must not indulge in premarital sex).

There are different things that attempts to compell young people into a romantic relationship at the wrong time and in the wrong manner. There will be members of the opposite gender who wants to pull you into a romantic relationship when it's wrong. Your parents might even be an agent of pressure - trying to force you into a relationship directly or indirectly. Your friends and even the media are also prominent agents. Nevertheless, you must be resolute and be patient enough to do the right thing at the right time.

Now, this is one of the major things pushing many young people into premature romantic relationships and entanglements outside God's Will for them. Loneliness (or the fear of it). Two major things sponsors this: idlness and lack of self esteem (thinking you are totally not complete without a partner).

Even at the basic level, an important solution to eradicating loneliness is getting busy and occupied. Now, I'm aware that some (probably many) young people still feel empty even as they are occupied with several jobs. There are several things to say about that. One is, the emptiness they feel might emanates as a result of neglect of certain important things, such as an intimate relationship with God their Creator (which means, in such a case, the problem is not about loneliness). Also, it is possible to be engaged with several things and still feel inadequate, if you are engaging yourself in things that doesn't bring fulfilment (particularly things that are not God's purpose for you).

Hence, two things I've seen worked for me as well as some other persons I know, are:

1. Being very occupied with seeking and knowing GOD

2. Being very occupied with purpose exploration

A primary function of man is to seek, know and keep exploring God. The truth is, God is very deep and inexhaustible. Even the 24 elders who have been with Him for ages, are yet to know all about Him. And I must tell you, GOD is very exciting, and we can't have enough of Him. Focus on knowing God and you won't be empty. You will get to a stage where you enjoy spending hours alone with God in the secret place, and you enjoy God's presence, always looking forward to the daily experience.

Finally, get busy with discovering yourself, your talents and gifts and purpose, and occupy yourself with developing and deploying. These things brings fulfilment, and you won't have time for unproductive affairs.

If you are in an immoral relationship with a member of the opposite gender, break it immediately. Receive grace to do so in Jesus Name. Amen.

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