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Be Sure Of Your Afterlife Before You Depart


When you close your eyes and depart this world, there is an afterlife you will find yourself. 

 While our current world is limited and short, this afterlife is eternal and everlasting. 

 Interestingly, your actions and decisions here on earth will determine where and how you will spend your afterlife. 

In the afterlife, everyone will be judged by God for the things we did on earth. 

While some will be embraced into Heaven (a place of eternal peace and comfort), some will be banished to hell fire (a place of eternal torment). Hence, the best thing you can do for yourself is to start preparing for the afterlife before you die. 

 How can you adequately prepare? Simply accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and forsake your sins. 

Say this prayer now: 

 LORD JESUS, I believe in my heart that You died for me and You raised on the third day for my justification. And so I confess with my mouth that You are my Lord and Savior. From today, I belong to the family of God. Thank You for giving me eternal life. 

 Now, start serving Him in spirit and in truth, and ignore the sinful distractions of this world. 

you see, this is one prominent way to live a true fulfilled life, and you must align yourself with God your Creator to become all He has destined you to be. 

Don't forget that it is your destiny to have an intimate righteous relationship with God which is eternal in nature, through Jesus Christ. You will be empowered with the Holy Ghost, and you will live a life of true dominion.

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