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The Orphan Girl Who Became A Queen


One of the most amazing and interesting characters in the Bible and in history as a whole, is the woman Esther - whose life was captured in the Book of Esther. Her experiences were quite astounding, as we could see how an unknown orphan could rise to become the Queen of a very large global empire. 

 Interestingly, Esther was able to rise to the prominence of the Palace of Ahasuerus (who reigned over one hundred and twenty-seven provinces, from India to Ethiopia), without having to compromise the ways of the LORD. Her success and exploits are pleasant indicators that anyone can rise to the top without having to cut corners and indulge in something bad and unholy. 

 However, this could obviously be possible by the Hand of God. The LORD favoured Esther to get to the prominence of the Palace of a global empire despite being a nobody. Indeed, favour is a spiritual tool that can make you great in life without having to sell your soul to evil.

 I know you want to be a great person in life. Actually, God wants you to be great. He is a Great God Himself, and you were created in His image. However, many people are approaching the path of success in a wrong and dangerous way, thereby getting themselves injured and damaging their soul. Only God can help you become truly great and successful without you having to stain your hands in impurity. And He is always eager to help you become successful. 

 How can you partner with God to be successful and great in life? Simply make the intentional decision to have an intimate relationship with Him, as He is Your Source. The truth is this: your destiny is to have an intimate righteous relationship with God through Jesus Christ, which empowers you to have dominion. When you have a good relationship with God in Christ Jesus, you are empowered with the Holy Spirit, who will give you access to all of God's spiritual blessings in Christ Jesus (including favour). 

 What is the first step? It is embracing Jesus Christ as LORD and Savior. Simply tell Him: "LORD JESUS, have mercy on me, as I accept You as Lord and Savior of my life " The LORD comes to you.

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