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4 Major Things Ruining Young People Today


The Bible already exposed the evil mission of the devil, the archenemy of mankind:”….the thief comes not but to steal, and to kill and to destroy…” (John 10:10). Today, the evil agenda of the devil is vehemently directed towards young people around the world. Hence, many youths are bedeviled with evil and all of its expressions. The devil is interested in you as a young person, because of your strength and potentials (you can wreck serious havoc to his kingdom if you will align with God). So, the devil tries to distract you with many wrong things to ruin you before you can ruin his agenda.

There are so many things the enemy is utilizing to bring youths today into ruin and destruction. But let me put them under these 4 major categories:




The craze and lust for physical material things keeps pushing many young folks into self destruction. This is finding expression via gambling, prostitution, stealing, ritualism, scamming, etc. They want to flaunt the latest phones and gadgets, flashy cars, clothes, and so on. Contentment is no longer in the dictionary of many, and this is dangerous. Hence, they are ready to do just anything to acquire material stuff to show off and impress and feel among.




Many young people are slaves to sex, masturbation, pornography, and so on. Their strength is wasted on the evil pleasures of immorality, and they keep entangling themselves deeper into terrible addictions. It’s so bad.




Honor and respect is now far from many of them, as they are filled with pride, regarding themselves far beyond what they truly are. They talk anyhow to those ahead of them (see what’s happening on social media), and aren’t truly submissive to elders anymore (even to their own parents). An implication of this is that they ended up experiencing avoidable sufferings. First, those ahead of them who should have helped draw them up easily, are now avoiding them (no elderly person want to be dishonored by these kids). Secondly, they disobey the divine command of honoring the elderly, so our days may be long on earth. You see why many young people are dying anyhow today?




Foolishness abides in the heart of many young people today. They don’t know wisdom, and they keep rejecting the way of wisdom. Funnily, they are regarding themselves wise in their own eyes. The things they post on social media for instance, keeps exposing their ignorance and foolishness, and you just feel sorry for them. Try to engage many in meaningful conversations, and you will be shocked at their level of ignorance. They are ignorant of the ways of life.


What then is the solution to these things? It is found in that same John 10:10. Jesus said:


“…I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”


A true committed walk with Jesus is all you need.


Your destiny as a young person is to have an intimate relationship with God that is eternal in nature, through Jesus Christ. On the strength of this relationship with the Divine, you will be empowered with the Holy Ghost, and you will have dominion to live above the devil, sin, self, and death.


The best decision you will make is to embrace Jesus as Lord and Saviour. Call upon the name of Jesus today, and you will be saved! Ask Jesus for mercy, and He will visit you too.


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