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Dressing Seductively To Deposit Lust In The Heart Of Others


The aim of every seducer/seductress is to lure ignorant folks into immorality. Then they become a prey to the devil, whose major mission is to "steal, kill and destroy" (John 10:10).

Even many centuries before now, immoral individuals have always been aware of the negative potency of lust. They understood the business of planting lust in people's heart through seductive dressings. 

Today, there is an obvious increase in immoral dressing. You now see individuals (males and females) boldly appearing half-naked, in clothes exposing parts of their bodies that should be kept private from public eyes. They intentionally wear provocative clothes, and they are now everywhere.

Of course, ignorant folks simply refer to these immoral trends and cultures as "modern fashion". Nevertheless, the wise should know that there is actually a dangerous motive behind the perverted culture of dressing immorally.

Let me explain that there are many persons out there who are directly working for the devil. These persons will appear as ordinary humans, living with us, but they are actually witches and wizards, possessed with demonic spirits, belonging to the evil marine kingdom. They appear innocent and harmless, and they appear sweetly. But they are evil. Inwardly, they are dark and dangerous. They intentionally draw people away with lust through the way they dress, then it becomes easy for their preys to fall into sexual sins (which then gives their master the devil a chance to ruthlessly plunder such a life).

There are some others who are indirectly working for the devil. These ones are simply living a lifestyle that is being utilised by the devil. Their lifestyle is unknowingly influenced by demons to sow the seed of lust in the hearts of people via their seductive dressings.

So, when you see people who dress seductively, they fall into any of the above categories, and the motive is to sow seeds of lust into the hearts of unsuspecting people. These seeds will start growing in different forms, until you find yourself indulging in immoral activities.

Therefore, to avoid falling into the trap you must be wise. You can get the right wisdom from God, through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Hence, you must first make Jesus your LORD and SAVIOR. Simply call upon His Name wherever you are, and He will come into your life.

Wisdom demands that you should be wary of people who dress seductively and immorally. Be wary of movies, websites, books and magazines where you consistently see people that are badly dressed. The lust they deposit in your heart can ruin you after some time. Hence, always partner with the Holy Spirit (through prayers, studying the Bible, fasting, etc) to cleanse your heart daily and uproot any seed of lust deposited into your heart.

Always remember that in a badly corrupt society like ours, it is possible to live in perfect holiness and purity. But only the Holy Spirit can help you, and the help can come when you submit to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. The LORD already gave us the key to victory:

"Walk in the Spirit, and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh" (Galatians 5:16)

You are destined to have an eternal righteous relationship with God, through Jesus Christ. This is what empowers you to live above sin and satan and self. God bless you

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