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Stop Joking With Hell Fire

 "Fools mock at sin, but among the upright there is favor" Proverbs 14:9

The devil is very cunny, and he is always strategizing how to get more people into hell. One of his strategies is to craftily bring up trends where people starts attaching less importance to eternity, and even become relaxed towards the concept of hell.

So, you see many people makeing various jokes about Hell Fire, and those living in sin are no longer afraid of the thoughts of getting doomed forever in hell when they depart this world. The devil wants people to take Hell Fire with levity. However, Hell Fire is a place you should FEAR. The thoughts of it alone should send fearful shivers down your spine and then get you uncomfortable. Hell Fire is filled with everlasting agony, pain and torment!

You should be scared of going to Hell Fire when you leave this world. And then, that fear ought to propel you to live a lifestyle that won't make you a candidate of hell fire

Hell is a place God has prepared for satan (rebellious Lucifer) and his demons (fallen angels). Cunning Lucifer was able to pull some angels to his side to rebel against The Almighty God. And after the devil was sent down from heaven alongside his cohorts, their punishment is to be eternally doomed inside the fire that never quench (see Jude verse 6, Revelation 12: 7-13, Mark 9: 47, 48)

There are certain principles that governs the universe which God won't want to interfere with. One of these principles is: What A Person Sows, He/She Reaps. If you sow a corn, you reap a corn (and not mangoes). If you sow wickedness, you reap the bitter rewards of wickedness. If you live a reckless lifestyle of sin, you reap the bitter rewards of sin (which is death, according to Romans 6: 23)

Let's look at things with our 'human wisdom'. Why do we punish lawbreakers? Why do we send to jail thieves and murderers? Aren't we all humans? That is it! It is absurd giving the same rewards to a lawbreaker and a law-abiding citizen. A law-abiding citizen would be praised, a lawbreaker punished. This is not wickedness, it is simply one of life's principles: What You Sow Is What You Reap!

You can't live a lifestyle filled with violence and sin, and then expect to get the same rewards as a righteous person before God. It doesn't work that way. A righteous person receives the reward for his/her actions, an unrighteous person receives a different reward. Despite being a loving and merciful God, this is a principle God won't want to interfere with.

So, although hell fire was initially created for satan and his demons, any human that would leave this world as a sinner is going to be punished in hell fire.

But, Is God Really A Loving God?

Yes! God showed His love by giving use The Perfect Solution That Prevents Us From Being Doomed In Hell Fire. What solution? God sent His only Begotten Son Jesus Christ to come to the world to die for sinners (John 3:16). Anyone who accepts Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and then live continually obeying His Words and Will, are saved from hell fire! If you live a righteous life for Jesus Christ here on earth, when you leave this world, you are going to Heaven! (Heaven is God's choice for you! The place God desire you should be!)

God, a Holy God, isn't comfortable looking towards the direction of the world due to the numerous sin that abounds (our world is dirty!). God desire destroying the world and then make a new one filled with holiness and pleasantness. But LOVE! He is patiently waiting for many to repent and come to Him.

When you die, where is your destination? Heaven or Hell Fire? Hey, you can die before the end of today! When Jesus comes, no chance for repentance again! If the trumpet should sound today, God has tried enough waiting for more people to repent.

Therefore, before it's too late, repent of your sins, accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of your life, and permanently quit sin and unrighteousness.

For those who are not yet believing these, listen to what the Lord Jesus is saying: "Surely I am coming quickly"

And the Saints will say: Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!

And to we Christians who are approved children of God, Jesus is saying to us: "Behold, I am coming quickly! Hold fast what you have, that no one may take your crown".

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