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5 Things Christmas Should Always Remind Us Of


Jesus Christ is the reason for the pleasant season. We must always remember this. The reason many people celebrate Christmas in a sinful way and ended up displeasing the God they should be celebrating, is because they never truly know the Person being celebrated today, as well as the true essence and purpose that brought about Christmas in the first place.

This beautiful season is beyond the noises - we must also take out time to reflect upon the great sacrifices made by the God-head just to see Christmas become a reality. Wisdom demands that we should always extract wisdom from the whole Christmas story. Here are five things we should be reminded of:
1. Christmas came because Jesus Christ decided to come to the earth to die for our sins and reconcile us back to God. After mankind fell in the Garden of Eden due to the sin of disobedience, we became miserable and terrible creatures. But God showed us mercy and decided to come down here in the form of human to offer His perfect blood as a sacrifice for our sins. 
Hence, scripture says, "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life" (John 3:16). 

This is basically the reason Jesus Christ came. This is the summary of a true Christmas story. And anyone who believes in Jesus Christ becomes a new creature that would regain the life of God and the Authority which Adam and Eve lost in the garden of Eden. 

2. Christmas reminds us that God still cares for us and is not giving up on mankind. God esteemed mankind very highly upon creating him - because He deposited in us things He didn't even give to Angels. Alas! We still messed up! Nevertheless, because He loves us and genuinely cares for us, He still came to the world on a Christmas day just to redeem us. Right now, while many humans are running away from having an intimate relationship with Him, He is still not giving up on them, but He still chases us with His love. Jesus is so Sweet and Amazing. 

3. Christmas reminds us that it is possible to live a life that's above sin and death. Jesus Christ did that! He lived a pure perfect sinless life. It means we can also live a perfect holy life for God. It means we can live a life of dominion above sin, satan, death, hell, poverty, sickness, and anything negative. Don't settle for less!
4. Christmas reminds us that Jesus will come back again. There were prophecies that heralded His first coming - and they came to pass. He Himself prophesied that He will come back again to take His saints to Heaven. If Christmas could become a reality, rapture will become a reality too. Hence, wisdom demands that we live solely for God, forsaking sin and embracing holiness and righteousness in Christ Jesus. 

5. Christmas reminds us of the need to celebrate with eternity in view and reciprocate God's love. Love brought Him here in the first place. To reciprocate His love, you have to give Him your entirety too. He gave you His all - make Him happy by giving Him your all too. That is, you have to love Him with all your heart and soul and body. You have to embrace Jesus Christ as Lord and savior, and submit to the Rulership of the Holy Spirit in your life. 

Christmas reminds us of the need to surrender our lives to Jesus. If you are yet to embrace Jesus as LORD and Saviour, do so right now. Simply ask Him to have mercy on you and to come into your life. Surrender your all to Him today. He deserves it.

Christmas reminds us of the necessity of celebrating Christmas with eternity in view to please God. Some people "celebrate" in a sinful way that displeased the God they claim to be celebrating. For instance, engaging alcoholism and immoral stuff to "celebrate" Christmas. These dangerous affairs will even get some people killed on Christmas day, and send them to hell. And Christmas that is meant to bring life will eventually bring death to them. Always ask, the way I'm celebrating Christmas now, if the rapture should take place today, will I be rapturable?

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