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When You Only Meet Men That Only Want Sex


When You Only Meet Men That Only Want Sex

It is not uncommon seeing women who are always complaining about how they keep meeting men that are only interested in sleeping with them. In fact, some women now thinks there are no responsible men out there that still have full control over themselves and don't fornicate or commit adultery (or other immoral acts)

If you are a single lady who has been dumped by several guys because of your no-sex-till-marriage stance, and you are now getting tired (or about to compromise), this message is meant to strengthen you not to settle for less, and not to allow any guy make you sin against God your Creator.

What God has instructed is that sexual pleasures should only be shared between a married man and his wife inside the safe circle of their marriage institution. So, if you have made a decision to honour Jesus with your life (and body) by adhering to His commandments, then you should not allow anyone make you feel sorry for your purity stance, and you should not allow anyone push you off the path of sexual purity.

Many ladies do ask, "why do I keep meeting men that want sex before marriage?".. The answer is simple: "You keep meeting men who are ungodly and without the fear of God"

I can assure you that there are still lots of God-fearing men out there who themselves are honouring God with their bodies. When I say God-fearing men, I'm talking about men that have made Jesus Christ their Lord and Savior, and are serving God in spirit and in truth. These are the type of men you should associate with. Unlike the "bad boys" out there, a born again Christian won't regard you as a mere tool for bodily pleasure, but will even contribute to your growth in important areas. In fact, a sure way to enjoy your marriage is by marrying a genuine born again Christian, where the foundation of your home is built on Christ. Such a man, who himself is Christ's bride, will know how to please God by treating you as the queen you are meant to be

I see some ladies today living anyhow they want and will always say, 'I want a God-fearing man' (or will always complain that all the men coming to them are only irresponsible sex-chasers). Well, likes will always attract likes. A born again Christian will want to marry a child of God like himself, and won't go for a lady that lives anyhow (indulge in acts contrary to God's Will).

Therefore, to attract a God-fearing born again Christian, you must be a guniune child of God too (God won't give any of His true sons to just any kind of lady that will ruin his sonship). So, you must make Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior and start living a life devoid of sin and iniquity. Focus on serving God in spirit and in truth, and He knows how He will connect you with a responsible God-fearing man that will ensure you have a joyful marriage

Please, don't compromise your purity stance. I know you are getting older and many of your mates are already married. But listen to me, God is about to do something great in your life if you will continue holding to His Word. You are facing those temptation because the devil already sensed your greatness, and he is doing all he could to hinder you from being the great woman God has destined you to be.

Men that are disturbing you for sex are majorly agents of satan that were sent to ruin your life. Please, don't allow them. If you are currently in a sinful relationship where you and the guy are already indulging in immoral activities, quit the relationship immediately, and ask God for forgiveness.

This is a generation where God is raising women (especially young women) that He will grant great authority and power to enact great influence in various spheres and sectors, with the aim of bringing Glory to His Name and establishing the Kingdom of God on earth. Don't allow any randy guy hinder you from becoming the Queen you are destined to be. Worship God in spirit and in truth through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Listen to me all women out there. One of the core reasons why most randy men feel they have a right to using your body as pleasure satisfying tool, is because they think you don't have any other thing to bring to the table apart from your body. Hence, it is necessary to get yourself empowered. Now, talking about empowerment, I'm not just talking about financial empowerment (because there are still many 'rich' ladies out there who still present their bodies as an immoral pleasure-satisfying-tool ). I'm however talking about True and Divine Empowerment. The empowerment of the Spirit, Soul and Body. How can you experience this?

It's simply by having an eternal relationship and communion with God through Jesus Christ His Son. When you surrender your life to Christ in truth, that's when you can have dominion over everything God created (spiritually and physically).

You will get to discover your purpose (the role God wants you to play in life). And He will help bring up resources needed to live a quality and fulfilled life (discovering your talents, getting busy with your vision, etc). This is True and Divine Empowerment. Hence, GENUINELY give your life to Christ, and embrace Him as Lord and Savior. Simply call upon the Name of the LORD, and you will be saved.

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