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The Impulse To Watch Leaked Sex Tapes


The Impulse To Watch Leaked Sex Tapes

This issue has been on my mind for a long time now, but I kept ignoring it. But after a much recent incident of a popular celebrity whose sex tape was leaked, and discovering someone I didn't expected talking about the video (obviously, she watched it out of curiosity), then I know I must write about it

It's heartbreaking to know that people who are against 'outright" pornography also find themselves watching leaked sex tapes, usually driven by Impulse, just to satisfy a funny curiosity that builds from inside of them, fanned by the noise that accompanies the release of such tapes.

There is something I want you to know. The devil is an evil creature who has been around for many years, hence is cunny and mischievous, and he knows how to trick people into dipping their hands into immoral stuff. 

So, you might have decided to not watch pornography all your life, and indeed, you don't visit pornographic websites and the likes. But the devil knows that he can still use leaked sex tapes to make many folks watch and enjoy the nakedness of others and gain pleasure from doing so. So even if you don't watch the usual porn, in case you don't know, by watching a leaked sex tape, you are already watching porn too, and you are also doing something wrong. Why? Because you are also going contrary to God's Will concerning sexual pleasure: Which is that all forms of sexual pleasure should be shared only between a married man and his wife in the safe confines of their marriage institution, WITH NO OTHER PARTY INVOLVED.

Why is the devil interested in ensuring that you do wrong things? Because he knows that when you are sinful, you ignorantly slip away from God's hedge of protection, and you end up being exposed to danger. And scripture already recorded what the devil does:

"The (devil) comes not but to steal, kill, and destroy" The evil devil plunders sinners mercilessly, ruin their lives, get them kill, and banish them into hell.

Please know that the effect the usual outright pornographic content has, is the same with when you watch a leaked sex tape (even if it's just for a few seconds). When you watch such content, you are actually accumulating lust in your soul - and it will soon burst out to compell you to start masturbating, full-time pornography, and illicit sexual affairs.

Hence, you have to be wise, and always ignore the noise that comes with leaked sex tapes. You must discipline yourself to tame the curiosity and impulse that wants to push you to view such things. It gets easier when you allow God to be in charge of your life, through an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ said:

"I have come that they might have life, and that they may have it more abundantly"  John 10:10

You can always make peace with Jesus. Ask Him to have mercy on you, and give Him your life (you won't regret doing so)

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