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God Wants You To Be Happy

In Genesis, we saw how God intentionally and purposefully made different beautiful things before eventually creating man and then placed him in the Garden of Eden to experience endless pleasantness and unending joy. Unfortunately, when the evil devil introduced sin, a crucial effect attached to this aberration was that it introduced sorrow and bitterness into the affair of humanity. 

And so, for a long time, humans were devising all manner of strategies to discover Joy. There's always that innate drive to engage a long lasting happiness - the True Joy. Unfortunately, many started putting their hands into different harmful stuff just to secure a measure of pleasure that brings a measure of temporal happiness. Talk about drugs, sex, and all manner of harmful addictions. But then, they are what they are - harmful and unfulfilling. 

But God decided helping us by making right our pitiable conditions. What did He do? He sent His Son Jesus Christ Who died for the sins of men. Hence, anyone who believes in the finished works of Christ, will have eternal life (John 3:16). This Eternal Life, which flows in the Holy Ghost, brings joy and peace that transcends human understanding. Hence, God Wants You To Be Happy, and He has made the strategy available in Jesus Christ. 

Are you struggling with one type of sorrow or the other? Listen, Jesus Christ is all you really need. Allow Him today, and experience divine joy forever. God bless you.

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