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Bad Addictions Can Destroy You: The Sad End Of Brenda Fassie

 Bad Addictions Can Destroy You: The Sad End Of Brenda Fassie

Hello guys. So I was working on a project recently, and came across the heartbreaking story of a dead South African celebrity known as Brenda Fassie. I decided to write this to discourage more people out there to do away with bad addictions. 

So, Brenda was quite talented as a singer and songwriter, and her talents helped her to the top of her career. Unfortunately, she became addicted to drugs. It was so bad that a report stated that she blew away more than R10-million, courtesy of her addictions. At some point, she had to write off six of her cars, including a Mitsubishi Pajero worth R300,000 and R280,000. The Pajero was believed to have been taken by drug lords, and it disappeared without trace.

It was also revealed that she made attempts to stop her drug habit, and she checked in at rehabilitation centers 30 times, spending up to R300 000. Unfortunately, she died in April 2004, and the post-mortem report revealed that she had taken an overdose of cocaine the previous day before she gave us the ghost. Her addictions damaged her completely.

Just imagine the very first time she tasted cocaine. She would probably have been excited, thinking she just found a new adventure that's pleasurable. Only if she knew that was the beginning of her slavery to what will kill her...

Some of you reading this right now might be addicted to something dangerous too. It might be alcoholism, smoking, prostitution, masturbation, stealing, porn, clubbing, gambling, womanizing, etc. Listen, you have to make a decision to stop, hence it will damage you one day. 

I know some of you have been trying to stop doing those dangerous things you are addicted to, but it seems you just can't help yourself. Well, truly, you can't help yourself. That's why I will recommend that you give God the wheel of your life to enable Him help you

How? By getting closer to Him in an intimate relationship. How? By embracing Jesus as LORD and Saviour, and deciding to live according to His dictates. Indeed, JESUS won't fail you.

For those of you that just started doing something bad, you better stop immediately, before you get addicted to it. It might appear as if you are having fun (you might even think you can always control it), but in the blink of an eye, it becomes an addiction, and turned you into its slave - making you a miserable person before finally destroying you.

If you want to get addicted to anything, thenget addicted to good things that will help you. Get addicted to the things of God (studying the Bible, praying, etc). Get addicted to learning good and productive things.

Finally, to anyone still under the yoke of a brutal addiction, you are free in Jesus Name Amen

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