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A Boy Was Shocked When I Told Him Yahoo-Yahoo Is Wrong


So, on Wednesday 29th September 2021,  myself and some friends went around to evangelise and tell people about the Love of GOD in Christ Jesus. After witnessing to some persons we met on the way, we entered a quiet street where we saw some boys playing ball.

Now, I've been lately developing great interest in speaking the Truth to very young chaps, particularly teenagers and those still in secondary schools. Hence, I try giving them good attention, when I want to share God's Word in the neighborhood.

So, we approached one of the boys sitting near by, and I initiated a conversation, making him comfortable with us before anything else. Another boy stopped playing with the rest and joined us. The first boy (Timi by name) told us he is in SS2, while the second boy (Ayomide) made it known that he is in SS1

I started, in a very simple way, sharing the gospel with them. While Timi wasn't paying much attention, Ayomide was obviously very interested, giving great attention to what we were saying.

Along the lines, I started telling them how the devil is eager to destroy the lives of young people in our world today by introducing and getting them addicted to sinful stuff. I gave them some examples - like killing, kidnapping, drugs, alcohol, internet fraud (Yahoo Yahoo)... As soon as I mentioned Yahoo-Yahoo, a seemingly shocked Ayomide interupted me with a question:

"Sorry sir. Is there anything wrong with Yahoo-Yahoo?" 

I was touched by his sincerity - his sincere naiveness and ignorance.

I started explaining why it's wrong, and I'm glad he paid great attention. Before leaving, we prayed for them and committed them into the hands of GOD.

Here are the things I want you to take note:

1. Don't keep the gospel away from these very young chaps. Let's do more in getting the Life of God's Kingdom to them too. The devil is working really hard to destroy them with terrible things.

2. Many young chaps indulging in certain wrong things are sincerely not aware of the wrongness of such (or the great terrible repercussions attached to them). There are still many naive sinners out there. Let's help them by dispensing the Truth of God's Word. Let's bring them into Jesus' fold

I remembered a brother telling me how he was admonishing his friend to stop having sex with his fiancee. He was shocked when his friend asked him with sincerity: "But I thought there's nothing bad when we do it with someone we are engaged to"

Light must keep overcoming darkness.

Scripture says: "He who sins is of the devil, for the devil has sinned from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil" 1 John 3:8

Jesus has given us the power and authority to keep uprooting the evil works of the devil on earth, establishing the Light of God's Kingdom everywhere, saving multitudes from darkness. Amen

I want to advise every young people to watch this new movie from Mount Zion. It is titled "Legion". Simply search for it on YouTube and watch it for free. 

It reveals how the devil and sin can destroy the lives of people - particularly folks who want to do anything to get money.

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