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He Was Unjustly Denied A Scholarship As An Undergraduate: But It Ended In Joy


He Was Unjustly Denied A Scholarship As An Undergraduate: But It Ended In Joy

Hey guys, I found an interesting testimony in a magazine, and after doing some digging myself, I decided to share with you. Be motivated!

Professor Tunde Opeibi (Ope-Davies)

"Some years ago, during my Bachelor's degree programme, the University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom, through the British Council, donated a scholarship to be given to the best student in my department, to attend a 3-week Summer programme at Edinburgh, Scotland. As the best student that year, I was unjustly denied that opportunity because our then HOD told me that I was not assertive. What he meant was that as an "SU", as they used to call us then on campus, I was not sociable enough to represent the department well at Edinburgh. So, the second-best student was sent to Edinburgh. I never allowed this to bother me or weaken my commitment and conviction about my faith in the LORD. I kept on serving the LORD. I graduated and moved on with my life, building a career in the profession the LORD led me into.

"Now, see what our GOD has done in my life over the last couple of years. He has made me to travel to a number of universities in different parts of the world, won more fellowships, scholarships, awards and recognitions more than any of my equals, to the best of my knowledge. It beats my own imagination about the workings of this mighty God."

"But the most interesting slice of history here is this. You know God has a way of mocking the decisions of men against His own children. I call it "God's sense of humour." More than two and a half decades after that glaring and unjust denial of right (call it 'persecution', if you like), our awesome God has now made the same University of Edinburgh to award me a bigger, better, richer and longer visiting research fellowship at a professional level (see https://www.iash.ed.ac.uk/profile/professor-tunde-opeibi)

In fact, I was the one who asked for just 2 months; the University was ready to give me a longer period. Is our GOD not awesome? Is He not faithful? To Him be all the glory!"

Need I say more? 

Don't give up on yourself. Don't allow ANYONE make you look down on yourself

Ensure you never bend your belief just to bow to the wrong notion of others. 

Success is a potent revenge!

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