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About The High Rate Of Extramarital Sexual Affairs Today

 About The High Rate Of Extramarital Sexual Affairs Today

The Will of GOD is that all forms of sexual pleasure must be shared only between a husband and his married wife in the safe confines of their marriage institution. Anything else is a sin and an aberration with severe repercussions - both immediate and ultimate.

The evil devil is always trying to influence people to go contrary to God's Will, so he can have the chance to plunder them and lead them to hell when they die. The devil is always coming up with evil strategies, planting in our society an immoral unseen structure/network that compels people to sin. Sexual immorality is one of his major tools. And he's not just fighting with the likes of fornication and pornography alone, but is also ensuring a high rate of extramarital affairs today.

So, almost every week, we hear of cheating couples who are getting divorced. The kingdom of darkness is interested in the family unit, and these demons are aware of the great damages a home where the Will of GOD reigns can wreck to their kingdom. They are also aware of the terrible multidimensional damages extramarital affairs can birth - it won't just ruin the couples, but the home at large (including the children).

Contentment and discipline remained crucial and key. Without them, even if you have the most beautiful wife who goes the extra mile to please you in your bedroom, you will still find yourself on the laps of a strange woman. Even if you have the best husband in the world who gives you all he earns each day, you will still be swayed by a mischievous man. 

Considering our fallen nature as humans, it is a big deal to live right, and it's very tough to achieve this. So, we even see men with multiple wives still failing in faithfulness. Greed is attached to the fallen nature of human. The truth is, without the fear of God in a person, it is impossible to be constrained into a true path of holiness and righteousness.

Every human ought to live above the flesh and the sinful structures of the devil. This can only be possible by having an intimate relationship with God, via accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Jesus says: "I'm the Way, the Truth and the Life"

If you are yet to make Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior, you can do so now. Open your heart, call upon JESUS, and you will be saved!

As a married person, you will always meet people much better than your spouse. Nevertheless, you will do yourself a lot of good by intentionally choosing to prefer your spouse above others; fixating your heart on the pleasant things your spouse usually do that brings you joy. 

Be vigilant continually - there are agents of temptation sponsored from hell to lure married people into extramarital affairs. Some of them are around you already - in your working place, your neighborhood, even worship centers. Don't allow a vehement closeness with someone other than your spouse. Your spouse must remain your best friend and closest confidant. Aside your relationship with Jesus Christ, your life can also revolve around your home and family.

If your spouse isn't satisfying you sexually, try to sort it out with love. If they won't change, you should count that as a cross you should carry and focus on other very essential things. Life is beyond sexual pleasure, and sex shouldn't be what will push you into sinful stuff that will bring trouble to your beautiful family or lead you to hell. 

If you have been indulging in extramarital affairs, stop and repent immediately! Ask Jesus for forgiveness, cut off the ties (never give the person audience again), and make things right as quick as possible. GOD is giving you a fresh start. I see God making your life beautiful.

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