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Bbnaija: A Vehicle Of Lust And Sexual Temptation

Well, I don't even have a DStv yet, and I rarely watch TV. I only discovered what Bbnaija is on the internet, as well as the descriptions of the immorality attached to it.

But what I want everyone here to know is that there is an intelligent (but mischievous) system crafted by the devil on the earth realm, to prevent people from serving and walking intimately with God. 

The devil doesn't want you to fulfill destiny. Our destiny is to maintain an eternal intimate relationship with YAHWEH through Jesus Christ, which gets us empowered to have dominion over creation (including having dominion over the devil and his negative gangs - like poverty, curses, etc). But the devil doesn't want this. So, he put in place systems (initiatives, events, etc) that distracts and makes people unworthy of walking on the path of destiny.

Since it is impossible to walk with God without holiness, the devil makes people embrace things that defiles them. One of such is Bbnaija. Either the organizers are aware or not, such immoral initiatives are sponsored from the deepest parts of hell. They are meant to corrupt your soul and get your spirit dull, so you won't be conscious of the voice of God's Spirit, placing you at a point of disadvantage in the spiritual realm, and ultimately on earth.

God's Will is that all sexual pleasure should be shared between a married man and his wife inside the safe circle of their marriage institution alone, and that anything contrary is a sin that will fetch harmful repercussions (including premarital sex, extramarital sex, masturbation, pornography, homosexuality, etc).

Temptation is defined not only as "something attractive or seductive", but also as "pressure applied to your thinking designed to create wrong emotions which will eventually lead to wrong actions". Hence, an initiative like Bbnaija is a representation of sexual temptation meant to entice you into committing sexual sins. The aim is to make people dirty and separated from God their Creator, so he (the devil) will have the chance to steal from them, get them killed, and then destroy them (John 10:10).

The kingdom of darkness are always crafting devices that lures ignorant individuals into immorality. The dark world is vividly aware of the negative potency of lust. They understood the business of planting lust in people's heart via seductive appearances. So, you don't know the damage you are doing to yourself by seeing immoral stuff via watching indecent shows like Bbnaija.

What many of you don't know is that many of Bbnaija's stakeholders are not ordinary humans (both the brains behind it as well as the actors and actresses you see doing rubbish on your screen). Many of them are directly working for the devil. They are actually witches and wizards, possessed with demonic spirits, belonging to the evil marine kingdom. They appear innocent and harmless. But they are evil. Inwardly, they are dark and dangerous. They intentionally draw people away with lust, then it becomes easy for their preys to fall into sexual sins (which then gives their master the devil a chance to ruthlessly plunder such a life).

When you see immoral stuff, they sow seeds of lust into your heart. These seeds will start growing in different forms, until you find yourself indulging in immoral activities too.

I want you to realise that the kingdom of darkness has colonised a large part of the territory of the entertainment industry, and have been utilising it to corrupt millions of people in different parts of the world. Today, it is a common sight to see TV shows that promote indecency and tries to paint immorality in a positive light. The lusts they dispense keeps growing in different degrees and forms, and you start seeing people practising what they saw on TV. 

So, rather than watching stuff that invade the mind with darkness, you should give more attention to pure and productive activities. Give more attention to the Christian movie industry (thank God there are tons of cool Christian movies and series out there right now).

This world is deeper than the superficial appearance you know. The organizers of immoral stuff like Bbnaija don't love you nor give a hoot about you. Be wise. We are in a terrible time. You can get the right wisdom to live life from God, through a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Hence, you must first make Jesus your LORD and SAVIOR. Simply call upon His Name wherever you are, and He will come into your life. Always partner with the Holy Spirit (through prayers, studying the Bible, fasting, etc) to cleanse your heart daily and uproot any seed of lust deposited into your heart.

"Therefore “Come out from among them And be separate, says the Lord. Do not touch what is unclean, And I will receive you.” 2 Corinthians 6:17

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