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5 Things That Happened To Me When I Was A Teenager

As I've explained in previous posts on my official blog (sundayakanni.com), the greatest decision I made was deciding to walk intimately with Jesus Christ as a youngster, and the best thing that happened to me was receiving the Life of God as a young chap.

Jesus said: "I am to the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one goes to the Father except through Me." (John 14:6). When you submit yourself genuinely to Jesus, serving Him in Spirit and in truth, He will translate you from darkness (a state of hopelessness and helplessness) into His Kingdom of Life and Light.

When you choose to walk with Jesus, He gives you His Holy Spirit, Who helps you live in line with His Will and precepts. The Holy Spirit is a big Asset that will transform your life forever. This is my experience! When I made the decision to serve GOD many years ago when I was still a teenager, the Holy Spirit did a lot of things in and for me. Here are five prominent things amongst the numerous things He did:

1. A First-class Self Esteem 

Your self esteem is your self worth, the way you truly see and regard yourself. It is important to have a proper self esteem, particularly when one is still growing. Unfortunately, many young people have very low self-esteem, and they are easily influenced by bad peers because they always crave for acceptance. 

But the Holy Spirit helps in realizing one's proper worth, and your self esteem will be healthy. So, for me, while I grew up in an environment filled with immoral and wrong things, even as a young teenager at that time, I confidently enjoyed being the odd one living right.

2. Wisdom to excel

The Holy Spirit is GOD, and He has been around for trillions of years, making Him a very wise Being. As you give yourself to JESUS and allow the Holy Spirit find expression in you, He blesses you with His qualities and characteristics - including His Ancient Wisdom. 

With this ancient and divine wisdom, you have an edge over not only your peers, but even much older people who don't have the Holy Spirit in them. He guides you with wisdom, and you will live an exceptional life. Thus, even as a youngster, I've always been entrusted with important sensitive responsibilities, with no controversy whatsoever. Glory to God!

3. Discovery of purpose

I started experiencing genuine fulfilment as a young chap, because I started walking in purpose early enough. There is a reason you were created by God to be who and where you are today. You are not a mistake. There are certain things GOD wants you to accomplish on earth while He was creating you - this is your purpose. If you live outside God's Will, you will not only live below your potentials, but you tend to also experience a restless and unfulfilled life.  

But the Holy Spirit helps in discovery of purpose, ensuring you live a successful and pleasant life.

4. Discovery of talents

You are wonderfully and fearfully made by GOD. When GOD finished creating you, He looked at you and smiled, happy that He made you well. He has deposited inside you certain abilities which you can naturally exhibit. These are your talents, meant to help you accomplish your destiny and purpose without issues. 

The Holy Spirit will help you discover your own talents, and give you the wisdom to utilize them for His Glory. I'm a living witness!

5. Blessed with spiritual gifts

When we give ourselves to God in Holiness and Righteousness, He blesses us with supernatural abilities, known as spiritual gifts. In the Bible (1 Corinthians 12), we saw some of these gifts. These gifts will be utilized by God to make you a vessel (irrespective of your age), to comfort the Church, edify her, and exhort her. Personally, expressing these gifts will ensure you go deeper in the things of God, nurture a deeper relationship with God, and be more fervent in the things of the Spirit. This is my experience!

So you see, you will always be advantaged when you decide to give your life to JESUS and serve GOD in spirit and in truth. Irrespective of your age, start walking intimately with God your Creator now! Say this prayer with sincerity:

"Dear Jesus, I receive you today as LORD and Savior. Forgive my sins and cleanse me with Your precious blood shed on the Cross of Calvary for my sake. Henceforth, I'm a child of God. Amen!"

GLORY to God! Ensure you keep getting closer to God as you pray regularly and study the Bible. Also, commit yourself to a Church, and you will be encouraged to grow in the things of the Spirit. Amen.

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