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Parents, Give Your Children Godly Sex Education


We are in the very last days, and scriptures already gave the picture of how terrible and sickening such days as these would be (you can check 2 Timothy Chapter 3).

It is an indication that Jesus Christ will come anytime soon to take His Own saints to heaven. Thus, wisdom demands that we all should be in right standing with Him before the Rapture takes place. That is, embracing Him as LORD and Savior and living a life of complete holiness everyday.

Now, today, immorality is currently on another level. Paedophile, abortion (even amongst very young teenagers), pornography and masturbation, etc. It's just so disgusting. These things keeps wrecking and ruining the lives of many young people, and it is worrisome.


The devil, our greatest enemy, is usually particular about young folks. Hence, these dirty things we witness today is simply an act of war against them - to corrupt and pervert the souls and bodies of these young ones, waste their lives, and eventually send them to hell (John 10:10).

Parents have very big roles to play today. You can't afford to leave things into the hands of the society or schools. These places, including the media, are vehemently colonised by darkness, and they now subtly propagate the agenda of evil (either knowingly or unknowingly). Imagine telling young folks, "If you must have sex, just don't forget to use condoms". Or "Rather than sex, why not opt for pornography and masturbation?". Total rubbish!

Parents shouldn't subscribe to worldly patterns of teaching children about sex and sexuality. Rather, you must do so in line with God's Will. So, as you are teaching your children about their sexual body parts, you should also tell them that God's Will is that sex should only be between a Married man and his wife inside the safe confines of their marriage institution, with no other party involved.

You should place emphasis on the fact that it is possible to live a life of complete holiness and purity, and that though there will be sexual temptations here and there (as well as their own healthy sexual urges wanting instant gratification), they can still by God's Grace and determination on their own part, remain pure virgins till marriage.

Very importantly, try to lead your children to Christ at a very young age. Your children should start cultivating an intimate relationship with God right from a very young age. This worked for people like me. If you can be successful in this regard, you can always be at peace that irrespective of what is going on out there, your own children won't join the dirty and corrupt number. 

But can you give what you don't have? You as a parent, do you have a good relationship with the LORD JESUS CHRIST? Are you a true adherent to purity, holiness and righteousness?

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