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Ladies, Beware Of Demon- Possessed Guys Out There

Yes, many times, the whole conversation about being demon-possessed usually revolve around the female gender due to their dynamic configuration. But you see, even male folks can be influenced by demons. And indeed, many guys out there are living under the influence of foul spirits.

There are those whose bodies remain an abode to these demons. Demons, like every other spirits, are usually interested in displaying their features on earth, which can only be possible by possessing a body. That is why you see many people around acting like animals and strangely. It is not them, it is the evil spirit(s) residing in them. Even on the internet, you keep seeing people acting abnormally. They just can't help it.

Some demon-possessed folks are outrightly aware they are possessed, while some others go about their daily activities without knowing they are carriers of foul spirits.

Being under the influence of demons is even beyond having a demonic spirit inside of you. You should understand that there are more spirits than humans. Hence, there are tons of unseen demons all around at different territories and spheres. These foul spirits put in place frameworks that influences those that come into contact with their area of jurisdiction to act the way they (the demons) desire. The only group of people that won't be a victim are those who have been able to ascend the energy level emanating from these unseen evil frameworks - which can only be possible when one gives one's life WHOLLY to Jesus Christ.


You know, demon-possessed ladies are usually used by the devil to lure others (particularly men) into sinful stuff so he (the devil) can have the chance to carry out his evil works as written in John 10:10. In the same vein, one of the usefulness of demon possessed guys in the hands of the devil is to use them to lure ladies into sin, ruin their lives, and take them out of the path of God

Ladies, there are many demon-possessed guys out there today, being influenced by the devil, on a mission (whether they know it or not) to ruin your life by taking you away from God's Will. The boyfriend or boss that wants to have sex with you or introduce you to something immoral (going against God's commandments) is under the influence of demons. The guy asking you to send your nude pictures or sending you pictures of his private parts on social media, is obviously under the grip of the devil, to pull you into destruction. You think a man ready to spend millions on you just for five minutes sexual pleasure is ordinary? No! The mission is to ruin your life and get you to hell fire

Many ladies, being emotional creatures, always have this deep craving for attention, acceptance and love. And many evil guys keeps taking advantage of this to lure females into moving out of God's Will. They will make it seems like they genuinely care about you, but it's a big lie. If that guy you are with (either as a friend or dating partner) isn't a born again Child of God, expect something nasty from him soon, because only Jesus can help a man to be TRULY responsible.

Hence, as a lady, the wisest decision you will make is to have an intimate relationship with God, which is enough to satisfy all your needs (even your deepest emotional and physical needs). The first step is to accept Jesus as LORD and Savior. If you are yet to do this, anywhere you are, simply say these words with sincerity "LORD JESUS, have mercy on me and come into my life" 

Then keep growing in the things of God by studying the Bible, praying, attending a Bible believing Church, etc. With these, it is easier to surround yourself with people (including guys) who are children of God, and you will save yourself the pain that emanates from a relationship with nasty guys.

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