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Guys, Beware Of Demon-Possessed Ladies Out There


Some days back, I published an article titled "Ladies, Beware Of Demon-Possessed Guys Out There" on my official blog (sundayakanni.com). I advise you see that write-up, as I explained some operations of these foul spirits right there. Today, let's talk to the guys.

You see, as God created you, He made you gloriously, and adorned you with glorious features to dominate the earth and fulfill destiny in line with His Will. Unfortunately, the devil, your greatest enemy, won't fold his hands and watch you just like that. Rather, he makes attempt to stop you, and his evil aim is found in John 10:10 -  to steal (your glory) from you, kill you by causing a separation between you and your Source which is God, and ruin you in hell fire. 

Folks, the devil is so terrible, and you must have nothing to do with him, nor allow him have access to you.

The devil understands the inherent desire people have for members of the opposite gender. Hence, one of the greatest tools satan has been using to bring people (both male and female) into destruction is the opposite gender. 

Listen guys. Not all ladies out there are ordinary humans. There are several of them that are heavily possessed with demons and foul spirits. This made them a ready tool in the hands of the devil, and he easily direct them to you, so he can use them to achieve his evil purposes of ruining you. Some of these ladies are aware, others are not.

Like I explained last time, even those that are not housing a demon in their bodies can still ignorantly be influenced by evil spirits that are in charge of their territories. Only people that have submitted their lives totally to JESUS CHRIST can live victoriously above demons and their evil influences.

You see a lady that is comfortable with exposing parts of her body that should be private, and you think it is normal and ordinary? No! She's under the influence of demons (either she knows it or not). The aim is to saturate you as a guy with lust, and make you sin (which then opens the door for negativities into your life)

You see a lady that makes sex easy to get, and you think it's normal? You think she's just 'fell for your swag'? Or 'She's just matured'? Fool! A demon is at work! You are on your way to a miserable pit!

You see a lady that boldly shares her nudes online, and you think it's ordinary? Come on! The aim of the devil is to use such to get you corrupted and dip you into the smelly pool of sin. 

On a normal level, true womanhood should be synonymous with purity and decency and modesty. So when you now see a lady who deviated from this (by putting on exposing skimpy dresses, sleeping around with men not their own husband, practising such immoral things like lesbianism, etc), you should know she is under some nasty influence.

Many guys have been ruined and destroyed by such ladies. And unfortunately, many of such ladies are still around. In your working place, school, etc, they are there. Perhaps, your girlfriend is even one of them. 

The problem with many men is that they are not only spiritually blind, but are also insensitive, as they get carried away with beauty and temporal pleasure. If not, you will be able to see the true state of these immoral ladies, and run from them. She might look 'sweet', but she's actually a rubbish ground that habours terrible viruses. Her 'sweet look' is an alluring trap. Not everyone is ordinary. 

How then can you as a man live above these negativities and avoid the traps of such ladies? The answer is to give your life to JESUS CHRIST and submit truly to His Lordship and government.

Jesus will send the Holy Spirit to you, and He will lead you to only what is pure in His Will. He's going to empower you to live above sin, and you will be dead to pleasures of the flesh (which is what such ladies do make use of to get guys into the pool of immorality). 

When it's time to get married, Jesus will lead you to one of His sanctified daughters and you will enjoy bliss in Him. You have nothing to lose giving your life to JESUS.

Are you ready? Simply open your heart, and sincerely tell Him, "LORD JESUS, have mercy on me and come into my life"


Get yourself a Bible and meditate on the Word of God everytime. Pray frequently. And you will be empowered to live above the temporal. God bless you in Jesus Name Amen.

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