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3 Things God Wants Us To Do As We Celebrate Easter

Some Christians are not usually eager about festive celebrations as they are usually irritated by the sinful stuff many indulge in all in the name of celebrating.

Nevertheless, we must be wise with the wisdom of God and take advantage of such times as this to blow the trumpet of our Risen LORD and Savior Jesus Christ. We must show the world the beauty of salvation in Christ, and show them how much He loves them.

And as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, I want to admonish you to celebrate it in a way that will please Him and make Him happy. You can easily get this done by understanding what is currently in His heart, and align with His Will aggressively.

And in this short article, let me tell you some of the prominent things in the Heart of God at such times as this

 1. That Everyone Of Us Should Nurture An Intimate Relationship With Him

Love was what made God create humankind in the first place. And even after Man rebelled against the Almighty God by disobeying His loving instructions, love made HIM visit the earth to die for us and set us free from the clutches of satan, sin, hell fire and death.

So, God loves us (John 3:16), and He wants you to come closer to Him. God is not interested in religion, but that everyone of us should have an intimate relationship with HIM, which is possible only by accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and making intentional decisions to align with the Holy Spirit (Romans 8:14,16)

So, if you are yet to embrace Jesus Christ, this is the best decision you can make today. Simply open your heart and tell HIM, "JESUS, have mercy on me, and come into my life"

If you are already a Christian, make the decision to get closer to God much more than the stage you are currently.

2. That We Expand The Frontiers Of His Kingdom

God is the Supreme Creator, and all must bow to His authority. Once the Kingdom of God is flourishing in all facets of human endeavor, we will discover that the solution to humanity crisis is the Kingdom of God. 

And so, in this end time, God wants us to partner with Him to establish His Kingdom in different areas - media, the family, government, education sector, military, etc, where everyone will subscribe to His Lordship, and everything will be done only in accordance to His Will.

So, don't just live for yourself. Ask yourself, "how can I partner with the Holy Spirit to establish the consciousness of God at the area(s) He has planted me?" "How can I use my influence and resources to promote the agenda of Jesus Christ"? 

3. That We Live In Preparedness For His Second Coming

The LORD want us to know that He is coming back again very soon, and His coming is imminent. Hence, He wants us to stay true in Him, expectantly, as the night is far spent. For those of us that are already distracted by the affairs of this world, He wants us to repent and amend our ways.

Also importantly, He wants us to prioritize Evangelism (Mark 16:15), using every available medium to tell the unsaved ones to come to Jesus and be saved.

God bless you.

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