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My Experience Inside A Beer Palor In Lagos

Some days back, after a prayer meeting with some brethren, some of us (all young believers) decided to share some tracts and share the gospel of Christ with those around the vicinity. While at the business, I saw a beer palor by the roadside and felt the prompting to enter there to preach. So I entered.

Inside the place, I saw people having 'fun', with loud music.  I saw a young man sitting on a chair, taking beer. So I approached him and extended a tract to him. When he realized what I was there to do, he chose not to collect the tract, and decided to ignore me. But then, I started speaking the words God put in my mouth, and I did this in less than two or three minutes. 

Strangely, before I finished talking, the guy's countenance changed, and he  just started smiling broadly. Then he said something like "I love what I heard", before collecting the tract from me. 

And so, it became much obvious to me that more people out there must hear the true gospel of Jesus Christ, and that there's an inherent power in the gospel to deliver the dirtiest unbelievers and sinners from sin, satan and hell. More people will come to the Light of Christ if we can place greater priority on the affair of soul winning.

Fellow believers, the message of the Kingdom of God is Good News that shouldn't be kept to ourselves. When we partner with the Holy Spirit to make unbelievers out there realise that GOD loves them so dearly and that He is all they need, more souls will be drawn into the Kingdom. "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature" - Jesus Christ (Mark 16:15)

Don't try to win the lost with your own human wisdom, but partner with the Holy Ghost, Who will put the right words in your mouth. The words will hit the sinner vehemently, and a seed will be planted in them. When the veil the devil has placed upon their mind become eventually shattered (by the power in the Word of God), they will realise their dirtiness and the extent of the decay of their soul, and the reaction will likely be to break down in tears. Some others will suddenly realise how much LOVE God had for them, and instantly start beaming with Heavenly joy. The result? A celebration will ensure in Heaven! (Luke 15:10)

Let the world know that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life (John 14:6), and that the only way humans can find true fulfilment and joy is by maintaining an intimate relationship with God through Jesus Christ. It is a relationship with God that empowers us to have dominion over the earth in accordance with God's Will. This is the destiny of every human. Have a close relationship with Jesus Christ. 

If you want to surrender your life to JESUS, simply do so now. Ask for His mercy, and sincerely tell Him, "LORD JESUS, come into my life". Your life will never remain the same. A true relationship with Jesus will give you victory over death, sin, satan and hell. GOD bless you.

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