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Should You Have Sex On Valentine's Day?


It's no longer news that every February 14 is Valentine's Day. While it is being celebrated in different ways by different people, one general and famous word attached to the day is "Love". So, it is embraced that the whole idea is to celebrate 'love". But that's where the problem lies. Everyone would quickly exclaimed "I'm celebrating love". But prying deeply into this, you discover many people don't even know what love is for real.

So, for many, when talking about love, they are actually making reference to lust, infatuation and sex. And this is why many equates Valentine's day to a day of sex galore (such ignorance and foolishness). And of course, Valentine's day has become a tool used by the devil to plunder immoral people on the bed of sexual immorality, and he gains access to "steal, kill, and destroy" (John 10:10)

The truth is, you can't know how to show love if you don't know love. God is Love. So you must first know God (Love) before you can know how to express true love. So, if you are not for Christ and you keep indulging in one form of sin or the other, you can't know God (i.e have an intimate relationship with God), and whatever thing you are calling love is not true love (you can't give what you don't have)

So, whenever I hear cases where people that claims to be in love are still hurting one another (cheating, dumping, or even so-called boyfriends raping their girlfriend), I'm not usually surprised. You can't give what you don't have. Your partner can't show you true love if he/she doesn't have an intimate relationship with God through Jesus Christ (because your partner doesn't know how to). So, anything such persons are calling love is simply false. Yes, a scam. Your unbeliveing partner can't help but break your heart, because his/her nature is still perverted and self-seeking (only an intimate relationship with Jesus can get us transformed)

Now, talking about if you should have sex on Valentine's day (as well as any other day), the answer is "yes, if you are legally married to your partner (who must be a member of the opposite gender).

When you know Love (having an intimate relationship with God through Jesus Christ), you will always be determined to get Him pleased and obey all His commands. And concerning sexual pleasure, what He wants is that:

"All forms of sexual pleasure should be shared only between a married man and his female wife in the safe confines of their marriage institution, with no other party involved".

God frowns at sexual immorality, and there are great repercussions attached to sexual sins.

Don't have sex with your boyfriend/girlfriend or your fiance/fiancee until you get married to them. If you have planned such today, God is giving you an opportunity to destroy such plans (it's not a mistake that you came across this article), to avoid regrets. If your boyfriend/girlfriend or fiance/fiancee is insisting on sex, it means they are only after your body, and are not God's Will for you (so, wisdom demands you break such).

For married people (a male and a female), enjoy yourself to the glory of God, and make sure you don't cheat on your spouse.

If you are a gay or lesbian couple, break such abominable relationship NOW.


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