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What Happened After My Mum's Death


About six years ago, my loving mum departed this world when I was a 20-year-old young chap. It was sudden and of course, painful. 

However, fortunately, years before the ugly incident, I've met the LORD Jesus as a teenager, and have submitted my life to HIM. I will be eternally grateful to God for making me wise enough to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior as a teenager, and giving me the Holy Spirit Who helped me to embrace a life of holiness and purity. You know, I dedicated myself to serving Jesus, and didn't have time for many of those rubbish stuff many youngsters occupied themselves with.

Few days before my mum's death, I have been down with malaria. So, you can imagine how bad it was when the incident eventually happened. It was even scarier when some people started creating a picture of a tough and hopeless future.

But amazingly, JESUS promised to stay with me, and He assured me He will never forsake me for once. Guess what? It has been many years since then, and JESUS HAS NEVER FAILED. And I'm writing this as a testimony of the goodness and faithfulness of the Lord Jesus.

I've been enjoying pleasantness from Him, and His support system never failed for once. Physically, emotionally, materially, mentally, spiritually, He is always there for me. He continued connecting me with people and platforms He make use of for my good and comfort. My ministry keeps growing, I live in peace and joy EVERYDAY, and I'm always enjoying bliss in HIM.

This is to testify that Jesus is True, and He is always True to His words. He has promised NEVER to forsake His own, and He has proven to be True. For me, it's an encouragement that everything He has spoken and recorded in the Bible, will always be fulfilled (including His second coming).

As I stated earlier, the wisest decision I made in life was to give my life to JESUS many years ago when I was still a young teenager. If I didn't do this at that time, I wonder what the effect the death of my mum would have had on me today.

And so, I'm encouraging you too, dear readers, to give your life to JESUS today, and make HIM your Lord and Savior. Jesus is all you need. If you open your heart to Him, He will come and give you peace and joy. 

I don't know what is currently going on in your life. But I'm telling you that Jesus is the solution. Anywhere you are, just ask Him with sincerity, "Jesus, come into my life. Have mercy on me LORD JESUS'. He will not ignore you, but will turn your life around for good. 

If you are already a Christian, I'm encouraging you to be more serious with Jesus, and let go of anything still holding you back from walking with HIM perfectly. Quit sin and immorality. Spend more time with HIM in prayers and Bible meditation. It is well with you in Jesus Name. Amen

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