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When Your Boyfriend Is Disturbing You For Sex


When Your Boyfriend Is Disturbing You For Sex

Fornication, though popular among many today, is still wrong, sinful and dangerous. 

Now, one of the things many ladies do complain about is that guys (particularly those they are in a romantic relationship with) won't stop disturbing them for sex.

One thing you must realise is that premarital sex is still wrong and comes with unpleasant repercussions. The Will of God is that sexual pleasure should be shared between a married man and his wife in the safe confines of their marriage institution. So, any guy who isn't your husband (even if he's your boyfriend or fiance) doesn't have a right to your body. Any guy who is not your husband but persuading you for sex doesn't have your best interest at heart, and you should have nothing to do with such.

Actually, boyfriend-girlfriend romantic relationship is one of the problems we have today (as it keeps bringing unpleasant heartbreaks and heartaches, as well as increasing the rate of immorality and getting the society more corrupt). As a lady, know that once you are going into a boyfriend-girlfriend romantic relationship with the average guy in this part of the world, he sees you as a mere pleasure-satisfying tool (of course, he will lie that he's in love with you).

Hence, the best way to approach relationship is going God's Way (being a genuine daughter of God and allowing Him connect you with one of his genuine sons for marriage). You should give your life to JESUS CHRIST and give Him your all, doing away with sinful and dirty stuff. Just call upon the Name of Jesus, and He will come to you. More tips will be posted on sundayakanni.com. 

So, if you are currently in an ungodly boyfriend-girlfriend romantic relationship, please break such relationship. The devil keeps deceiving many ladies today, and it's so unfortunate. 

Listen, you don't have to be in a boyfriend-girlfriend romantic relationship before you can live a happy life devoid of loneliness. A romantic relationship doesn't even guarantee a happy and satisfactory life, but the opposite. 

You don't have to depend on any guy for money to take care of yourself. You have a brain, you have talents. There are many productive skills out there that can fetch you lots of money. Don't be a mere object of pleasure for one nonsense guy somewhere.

You are meant to be a daughter of Zion. If you can have an intimate relationship with God through Jesus Christ, He will empower you to fulfill destiny, and you will live a quality life for His Glory. 

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