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Praying For Joy


There are a lot of people out there today whose lives are filled with sadness and sorrow. No one usually find sorrow pleasing. And that's because, it wasn't in God's original plan for man that we should experience sorrow.
When God made the first humans (Adam and Eve) and placed them in the garden of Eden, they were joyful creatures and never encountered anything sad nor sorrowful, until they sinned against God.
And GOD, being a God of Love, has given man another chance of enjoying Joy again. Don't forget that one fundamental reason why the first humans couldn't encounter sorrow and sadness was because they were continually enjoying the very Presence of God. GOD is Joy, and by being with Adam and Eve continually, these humans can't but continue enjoying God's Joy.
So, Jesus Christ came into the world to make things right again for humanity. It means, GOD came down to the earth again, and humans can now have the opportunity of enjoying constant joy.
Jesus assured us He will send the Holy Spirit to us once we believe in Him. The Holy Spirit, Who is a Spirit of Joy, keeps staying with us, and as we fellowship with Him every moment, we enjoy pure Joy.
This Joy transcend the environment's situation. Either the society is pleasant or not, the Joy of Christ remain in us, and we keep glowing in HIM. Amen

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