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Prayer Rain


Open your heart and let your faith be strong in the Name of the LORD Jesus Christ. GOD is about to send rain of blessings upon you. Yeah, this post is about prayer rain. Just keep saying Amen and claiming the blessings in Faith.
GOD is going to do something great in your life today, in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ. GOD will manifest His Goodness in your life, and He will turn your life around for good, in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ.
The Peace of God will keep dwelling with you and your household, and all you lay your hands on shall continue to prosper. No evil weapon formed against you and your family shall prosper, in the Name of Jesus Christ.
I declare progress into your life, and I pray God will elevate you beyond your expectations. It shall be well with you in the morning and in the night, in the Name of Jesus Christ.
GOD will brighten your day and your night shall be blessed with His Light. In Jesus Name, you won't fall nor be put to shame. All gatherings against you shall be scattered by fire, and God will keep fighting for you.
Your going out and your coming in shall be blessed. All you lay your hands on shall lead to prosperity. It is well with you in Jesus Name.
You won't fall nor falter. Keep flourishing. Keep growing higher and higher. You shall not die but live. And you shall keep getting closer and closer to God. In the Name of Jesus Christ.

GOD bless you in Jesus Name. 

Don't forget to continue serving God in spirit and in truth, and keep growing in the things of God. And it shall be well with all that concerns you in Jesus Name Amen.

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