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Prayer For Financial Breakthrough (2)


God's will is that you should live in abundance and be able to enjoy quality time and intimacy with Him every moment. If your quest for wealth is taking you away from God, you are in trouble. If your quest for wealth is at the detriment of your spiritual growth, it is dangerous.
There is a limit to what we can gather using just our own limited abilities. And that is why we should not be slack to offering prayers for financial breakthrough. You need God's help.
God is always eager to help you. He is also happy to send divine help that will place you in a level of abundance. He is the owner of wealth, and He gives liberally. Indeed, GOD is a great and beautiful GOD.
Nevertheless, while you offer prayers of financial breakthrough, you must be concerned about your current state in Christ. What will become of you tomorrow if God should do a great miracle for you today? Two things likely happens when GOD raises financial help for people and changed their lives around. Their new level will either drive them away from God (you will hear such now saying things like "I'm just busy") or get them closer to God.
So, as you pray for financial breakthrough, don't forget that God is more concerned about your soul and where you will spend your eternity. Thus, you must be committed to growing in Christ and loving HIM more and more. Then, when He changed your financial situation for good, it will only help you get much closer to Him, and you will love Him more (which is His will for you). With that, you find it easy to spend your money (the money GOD has given you) to promote His Kingdom.
Pray for financial breakthrough in line with God's mind for you, and He shall visit you with big testimonies. Amen

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