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Jesus: Jesus Won't Fail You


The average human is usually scared of failing in life. Of course, failure brings and attracts negative stuff can are candidly unpleasant. Talk about disappointment and a life of unattractiveness. It is good that we don’t want to embrace failure in life, as God didn’t destine any of us to be failure in the first place. Thus, we need help to be successful. And I’m telling you that it is only God that can help you. No man can help you in life. Only Jesus Christ can help you.

You can always trust Jesus – He won’t fail you. He didn’t fail those before us that held on to Him, and it is sure and certain that He wont fail you too. So, you can always have that confidence in Him, and He will keep helping you and will keep holding you at all ways and ramifications. Jesus will continue to hold you, and it shall be well with you in all you do.

So, don’t trust humans like you. Don’t rely on your efforts. As humans, we are limited. But put your trust in the LORD JESUS, and it shall be well with you, in JESUS NAME. AMEN

If you are yet to accept JESUS as your LORD and SAVIOR, you can do so now, and I'm assuring you that you will never regret making that decision. It is well with you in Jesus Name. Amen

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