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Fornication: All You Should Know About Fornication


One of the popular things people want to know about fornication is "define fornication". To define fornication however, you should realize that a true and correct fornication definition can be crafted only if the Bible (the Word of God) is used as our source of knowledge.
You know, today, there are several things being said by different people and different sources. Well, everyone has their own opinions. Nevertheless, the truth remains that some opinion are wrong and dangerous. Today, many people and sources are offering sex education, but many of the information some are sharing is so dangerous.
For instance, some so-called experts, while on sex education, usually claim that it is not always realistic to abstain from fornication, and they encourage use of condoms and other contraceptives. This is fornication - it doesn't matter if the person is using condoms or not. And such teachings are not only wrong and gross, but usually dangerous and fatal.
Hence, while different people can come out today to talk about issues like fornication, the fact remains that you can only trust anyone that is using the Bible as the standard. For God is the Creator of everything, including sex, and He knows it all. 
Fornication Meaning
Talking about fornication meaning, it is actually straightforward. Fornication simply means having sex with someone not your married spouse. It simply means sharing sexual pleasure with someone not your married spouse.
Fornication In The Bible
The Bible is God's Word, and every WORD of God is True. The Bible remains the most important book that has ever exist, and that will ever be. The information in the Bible can always be trusted, and if we can heed to the Word of God, our lives will be much better.
The Bible made us realize the mind of God. It is a blessing to know what God is saying concerning stuff that concerns us. The Bible is a manual guide that will help us live a quality life, devoid of harm and danger. We can always trust God, He is our loving Father and Creator.
In the Bible, we get to know God's Mind for sex and sexuality, like for every other thing. We realized that God is the Manufacturer of sex, and He made it to serve good and honorable purposes. God's purpose for creating sex can only be achieved in the Marriage Institution. Hence, God's Will is that sex should only be between a married man and his wife inside the safe confines of their marriage institution.
Sex must be between a man (a male) and his female wife, with no other party involved. Anything other than this is a sin with grave consequences.
So, when a person shared sexual pleasure with someone he/she isn't married to, that is fornication. This is the true biblical meaning of fornication.
If a married man/woman shared sexual pleasure with someone not his/her married spouse, such is committing the sin of adultery (popularly known as extramarital sex). If the other person is unmarried, such is committing the sin of fornication (also known as Premarital sex)
Fornication is the same as Premarital Sex. In the Bible, God condemned fornication. There are cases of fornication in the Bible, and those involved ended badly. If you check the Bible, there are several cases where the issue of fornication was treated. For instance, in the book of Galatians 5, we were made to know that:
"The works of the flesh are... fornication..(and) those who practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of God" vs 19-21

So, sex is not for you if you are not yet married. You are not permitted to have sex with your boyfriend or girlfriend. 
You are not to have sex with your fiance or fiancee. You must wait till you are married, and ensure you have sex with your husband or wife alone (one husband and one wife is the Will of God).

You should flee and run away from anyone that is trying to lure you into fornication. Fornication is dangerous and deadly. Sex is beyond the temporal pleasure that is experienced. Sex is spiritual than physical. Fornication is deadly. Run away from fornication.

If your boyfriend is forcing you to indulge in fornication with him, break the relationship. It shows he doesn't really love you, but is interested only in your body. It is better to lose him and please God by obeying His loving instructions (remaining pure, and waiting to start having sex only in marriage). Jesus won't fail you
If your girlfriend is challenging you to indulge in fornication, cut off the relationship NOW. It is better to please God and lose your girlfriend. It shows she is immoral, and will likely cheat on you if you marry her.
If your fiance or fiancee is asking you for sex when you are not married, don't yield. Wait till you are married. It is better to lose such a relationship than to sin against God by indulging in fornication. Jesus will provide your own spouse!

Still talking about fornication in the bible, you should know that fornication has dangerous effects, and this is one major reason why Joseph fled when he has the chance to fornicate with his master's wife (you can see the story in the Bible, in Genesis chapter 39)

Joseph told her: "How then can I do this great wickedness and sin against God?" (Genesis 39:9)

If Joseph had fallen into fornication with her, he won't have become one of the greatest men in history. If you too want to be great in life, you must flee fornication. 

So now, if anyone ask you for fornication meaning; if you are asked to define fornication or fornication definition, you should tell them that fornication is sharing sexual pleasure with someone not your married spouse.
This is the true biblical meaning of fornication.

Effects of Fornication
Fornication comes with great damages. They are numerous, and I will summarize them here.
a. Spiritual Effects Of Fornication:
If you don't know, there's actually a spiritual realm that determines what happens in our own physical realm. The spiritual realm is a very busy one where different activities are going on.
The devil and his evil cohorts are usually moving around pushing evil stuff into the lives of many. Nevertheless, if you are a child of God, you are secured. But sinful activities like fornication gives the devil the chance to wreck havoc.
Most importantly, sin causes a separation between you and God your Creator. This is so dangerous. While these stuff are not visible to the eyes, they are true, and have effects here in the physical world.

b. Physical Effects Of Fornication
There are tons of immediate effects of fornication that we can see instantly. Some of which are unwanted pregnancy (which leads to unplanned parenthood, abortion, and other negative stuff), sexual transmitted diseases, emotional ties, and so on.

Types Of Fornication
I observed that some people (perhaps not vivid English speakers) are making some mistakes when trying to spell "fornication". Rather, they write stuff like fonication or fornacation
But it's alright. Either you are stating fornacation or fonication, we know what you are talking about.
Now, talking about types of fornication, one thing you should always remember is that sin is sin, and all sin is bad (with fatal effects). Let me however classify the types of fornication this way:
1. Penetrative Sex With A Member Of The Opposite Gender That's Not Your Spouse
When you as a male have penetrative sex with a female you are not married to, you commit the sin of fornication.
2. Sharing Sexual Pleasure With A Member Of The Opposite Gender That's Not Your Spouse
If you are observant, you should know already that fornication is not only about penetrative sexual encounters - but anything that has to do with sharing sexual pleasure (smooching, sexy talks, etc) with someone not your married spouse.
Even if penetrative sex didn't occur, as long as you share any sexual pleasure with that person (smooching, deriving sexual pleasure from touching the person's body, etc), you are already fornicating.

3. Sex With A Member Of The Same Gender
Gayism and lesbianism are sinful and dirty. Today, some are getting married to members of their own gender (like a man getting married to a man, a woman marrying a woman). Even in such situation, any sexual pleasure shared between them is still sinful. The Will of God (which is the right thing) is that sex should only be between a married man (a male) and his wife (a female).

How To Avoid Fornication
Unfortunately, our world is currently corrupt and perverted, and there are many people indulging in fornication all over the world. Fonication might have different meanings in different languages quite alright (for instance, fornication meaning in hindi is vyabhichaar) but we are all saying the same thing. Fornication meaning in hindi is about sharing sexual pleasure with someone not your married spouse. Fornication meaning in urdu is also sharing sexual pleasure with someone not your married spouse. So it is with other languages all over.
Nevertheless, it is possible to live a life of complete purity, devoid of fornication and any other type of sexual immorality. Of course, we need the help of God to live above fornication, as the flesh is weak.
For God to help you, you must submit your life to JESUS and make Him your Lord and Savior. Then, He will send the Holy Spirit into you, and you will be empowered to live a life of complete holiness, for God's Glory.
On your part, ensure you keep avoiding people that can lure you into fornication. Keep avoiding places where fornication can take place. Keep avoiding things (immoral websites, movies, songs, apps, etc) that can encourage you to indulge in immoral acts stuff.
In conclusion, fornication is deadly. It is possible to live a life of complete purity. You are a human, not an animal that can't control itself. It is possible to control your urges. With God, you can preserve yourself till marriage, and enjoy sex only with your married spouse. There are tons of benefits attached to this.

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