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Divine Mercy Prayer


The LORD said He will have mercy upon whom He will have mercy. Once we can position ourselves in such a way that we can attract God's divine mercy, we will start soaring higher and higher without issues.
You need help. We need help. Life is filled with tons of hindrances and stuff that are bent on hindering us from getting to the top. So, there is usually a limit to what our strength can do. We need God's help. When we attract and receive His Mercy, we can soar.
Stop burning yourself out helplessly. There is always a limit to what you can do with your own ability. What you need is the mercy of God, and you will find yourself doing great stuff without having to use your own energy.
We are meant to emerge victorious through the help of God, and that is what you must start relying on, as a wise child of God.
So, always offer divine mercy prayer. Always ask God for mercy. You need God's help. You can't do great stuff with your own power. You will only wear yourself out easily. But God's help will keep you victorious. 
Stop struggling. Rely on God. Open yourself totally and lift your head towards God's hills. Stop bothering yourself about how stuff are helping, but turn to God and He will help you greatly.
And I pray that the Lord will show you mercy. 
Don't forget to position yourself adequately so you can attract the mercies of God wherever you are. GOD is always eager to show you mercy. Only make things right with Him every day and every moment, and He shall turn your life around for good. 
It is well with you in Jesus Name Amen.

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