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Birthday Prayer: Thanking God For The Gift Of Life


Birthdays are special days. We are being reminded of the day we came to the world, and it is pretty superb. Well, God is good. Consider how you were formed in the womb, and it is a big miracle when you eventually arrive the world.

So, it's a good thing to celebrate people on their birthday and to put a smile on their face. It's cool sending them cool messages and all of that. Nevertheless, we should never neglect the importance of appreciating God for the gift of life.
It's a blessing to be alive, and that has been made possible because God has graciously granted us the gift of life. 
Listen, many people are currently dead and are no more. So, being alive and here right now (to be able to celebrate birthday) is a blessing from God and He must be praised. Amen
You know, if God has decided to not give us the gift of life, no one can ask Him questions. No one can fight God. But He is good and His Mercies endures forever. Amen
So, as you celebrate someone's birthday, don't forget to pray for them, and ensure a large chunk also contains thanksgiving to God for the gift of life He has given them. If they were not alive, then there won't be a birthday to celebrate in the first place.
So, as I make attempts to round up, you should not forget the importance of appreciating God for the life He has bestowed upon a person, and you should always give God all the praise, and it shall be well in Jesus Name Amen

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