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Psalm 91: He Who Dwells In The Secret Place Of The Most High (Psalm 91)


Psalm 91 is another well-known Psalm. A lot of us are comforted by the soothing promises it is filled with. God's promises to us as touching several important things, like promotion, assurance of answered prayers, etc. Much more, we are comforted with God's promises for protection and deliverance.
Of course, security remains a big deal for humans. We are always seeking the assurance of being safe from harm. Whenever you want to travel to a new place, one major thing you try reading about during the course of researching about the place, is its security level. It is understandable. What is life without being safe from harm? If one is to live and do several great things (maximize one's potentials, utilize one's talents, fulfill one's destiny, etc), then it is necessary to be alive. 
So, being safe is good business, and we are not surprised when we see the huge amount being spent on the security of high-profile individuals. It is not surprising that countries spend tons of money on the health sector each year. We must be safe. We must be alive.

However, we are limited as humans, and we need help from God. The truth remains that humans will continue being imperfect, and we can't really take good care of ourselves. We need GOD.
Despite the huge amount being spent by the government on the healthcare sector, millions of people still die helplessly. Despite the huge amount being spent on security, some people still die helplessly.
Nevertheless, in Psalm 91, we are assured that we are safe and secured in God. If we can be wise enough to dwell in the secret place of the MOST HIGH GOD, then we are assured of divine security. This is made possible through faith in the LORD Jesus Christ.

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