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Pray: Pray Without Ceasing!


When God created Adam and Eve and placed them in the Garden of Eden, we understand from the book of Genesis that God enjoyed visiting the couple regularly, to ensure sweet interactions with His beloved creatures.

Indeed, it is amazing what manner of love God had for humans. God is Sufficient, and He can do without anyone else. If God were to be all alone (without creating the universe and the hosts of Heaven including the Angels), His own presence is enough to keep Him satisfied. He is eternally fulfilled in Himself. That's the beauty of True Sufficiency (which is a reality ONLY GOD can experience).

So, God created the hosts of Heaven to keep giving Him pure worship 24/7. This is pure interaction! Despite these, God still give a big priority to humans, and He always yearn for communion with us (despite our limitations and imperfections)

God is Great and Wonderful! Amen

Prayer is a wonderful vehicle for God-man interactions, and we must always be grateful to God for the privilege of enjoying sweet communion with Him through prayer.

Prayer takes us to the satisfying Presence of God, and each encounter with Him will always ensure glorious transformations in us. When you successfully make prayer a lifestyle, you are always satisfied, as your encounters with God will never leave you the same way.

There are always tons of distractions in our world today. But if you can successfully create a system that will bring you into the Presence of God every now and then, it is for your own good. If you can cultivate the lifestyle of interacting with the LORD every moment via prayer (while working, while driving, while walking, etc), you will live a quality life.

Many people today are under the heavy affliction and yoke of today's imperfect world. Many are restless and unsatisfied. Many are suffering and are not just happy. The solution is JESUS. When we interact with Him every moment, His Presence keeps lifting us above the imperfect world, and we rule in dominion

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