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23 Psalm: Some Things You Should Have In Mind While Reading The 23rd Psalm


So, there are many Christians who can recite the 23 Psalm (Psalm 23) without issues. Many times, when we were still children, we were taught these things (usually from church), and even as we grow, they are still with us.
And today, Psalm 23 already the favorite chapter of the Bible for many of us. It is one place people can easily recite anytime of the day. 
Of course, the chapter is a superb one, as it talks about some important things which many of us place high priority on. We talk about 'I shall not want', we are excited about gaining victory over death, the enemy, and so on. And so, it is usual to see many Christians taking this up as a warfare Psalm.
However, we must realize that to walk in those pleasant promises and victories, the Psalmist, through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, gave the key and prerequisite: "The LORD IS MY SHEPHERD (Psalm 23:1). Which means, making GOD your shepherd before anything else.

Making GOD your shepherd means you must submit yourself totally to the LORD and follow His dictates and commands. The Shepherd leads the sheep, and you must trust God enough to lead you, while you humbly follow Him.
You have to trust GOD. Without having great trust in God, you can find this difficult. You must trust that GOD is always able to lead you to the best of places. You can trust that if God asked you to step into the fire, He has prepared a paradise for you already right inside the fire, and it won't hurt you at all, but you will only keep glowing and shining.
Trust the LORD, be a faithful sheep, and you can walk boldly in those blessings highlighted in psalms 23. GOD bless you.

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